Stairway LED lighting – step by step

Recently I have seen a kind of stairways where each step lights up separately.
After a short research I have also discovered that the prices of those systems are quite high.
So the decision was quick and simple.
Let’s make my own stairway LED lighting controller.

First step you can see in the youtube clip.
Preliminary small test project based on ADRUINO UNO; more stairs in this solution will require a controller with more digital I/O (input / output).

The presented project will be based on the most popular LED stripe (analog one).
In parallel, I will be developing same idea but with use of digital LED stripe to reduce the number of cables.

Buttons are the representation of the motion detection sensors which will be used in the final project ( one sensor placed downstairs, second one upstairs).
Each LED (5 in preliminary project) represents a lighting of one stairway step.

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